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Your hangover relief.

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Hungover after a party?

Are you waking up hungover while you planned to go to the gym; have to meet your in-laws or need to study for an exam? In short: is your hangover arriving at the worst moment imaginable?


Take Pil-s!

Take before you go to bed the capsule with a glass of water. After waking up, dissolve the contents of the sachet in fruit juice and drink it.


You feel bright and fresh!

Take a shower, get breakfast and go back to your planned routine. Let Pil-s do its job. You will see that your hangover disappears a lot faster than usual.

Using Pil-s, you can go back to your daily routine.

Pil-s supplies your body with several vitamins and minerals to enable your body to recover faster from a hangover. Meanwhile it masks the usual symptoms accompanying your hangover.

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“Works and tastes well! I recommend it!”

- Jordy

“Tried it and directly felt better than usual after an intense night of partying. Easy to take and tastes good as well.”

- Willem

“I thought it wouldn’t work. Tried it anyway and I can say that after taking it, I felt a lot better. Perfect! Absolutely recommend it.”

- Nick

“Drank a lot recently and the next day I tried this instead of facing my hangover. A lifesaver!”

- Matthys

“I'm already getting older, but with this hangover relief supplement I can order a beer at 5 am without feeling sorry!”

- Taede

“A functioning hangover relief, what more do you want?”

- Mike

“The golden formula!”

- Divano

“It really works!!”

- Iris