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Pil-s lets your hangover vanish faster than normal. No unplanned hungover mornings anymore; no excuses to skip the gym; cancel the dinner at your parents-in-law’s; or not study after all. With Pil-s you won’t spend half days in bed anymore wallowing in self-pity. Instead you can regain your daily routine.

Characteristics Pil-s

With Pil-s you won’t spend half days in bed anymore wallowing in self-pity. Instead you can regain your daily routine.

Gives energy
Works alleviate for your head
Lessens nausea
Helps rehydrating the body
Lessens diarrhea
Easily used
Tastes well

Salts and vitamins

Pil-s consists of several salts and vitamins. During a night of partying, your body loses lots of salts and vitamins. Pil-s replenishes your reserves. This way, Pil-s helps your body recover from your hangover.

Energy boost

While eliminating the alcohol from the blood, the liver uses lots of sugar. To give the liver an extra boost, Pil-s contains fructose. Fructose is a sugar that first needs to be converted in the liver before it can be used by the body. That means that the liver is the first organ that can use the substance. Gives energy and you might spontaneously want to go to for a run.

Willow bark

While your body recovers from the hangover with help of salts and vitamins, willow bark masks yourworks alleviate for your head. Willow bark consists salicine, a substance comparable to aspirin. The analgesic function masks yourworks alleviate for your head. You get the water, Pil-s does the rest.


Vitamin B1, Vitamin B3, Vitamin C, Vitamin E
NaCl, KCl, Mg
Willow Bark
Malic acid

Don’t use when allergic to aspirin or other salicylates, or with other contraindications.

“Works and tastes well! I recommend it!”

- Jordy

“Tried it and directly felt better than usual after an intense night of partying. Easy to take and tastes good as well.”

- Willem

“I thought it wouldn’t work. Tried it anyway and I can say that after taking it, I felt a lot better. Perfect! Absolutely recommend it.”

- Nick

“Drank a lot recently and the next day I tried this instead of facing my hangover. A lifesaver!”

- Matthys

“I'm already getting older, but with this hangover relief supplement I can order a beer at 5 am without feeling sorry!”

- Taede

“A functioning hangover relief, what more do you want?”

- Mike

“The golden formula!”

- Divano

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- Iris